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Graphic art from the art collection of "Boris Georgiev" art gallery Varna

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The catalogue features all the artworks of the Graphic Art Collection of the City Art Gallery Boris Georgiev, Varna

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Varna City Art Gallery was founded between 1947 and 1950 on the initiative of the artists of Varna. The gallery was given the name of Boris Georgiev with a special order issued by Varna Municipal Council in 1999. The collection that it owns comprises varied kinds of art – painting, sculpture and graphics. It has also been supplemented with further additions of photography, posters, installations, non-conventional art forms and video art. Thus in the public awareness, the gallery stands out as a centre for presentation and preservation of artefacts of our art culture reflecting the trends and processes that have evolved in Varna. The collection in itself allows parallels between the general and specific features of the national and local art processes. That in particular compliments and enriches the image and notion of the Bulgarian contemporary art with its distinct features and achievements. By publishing all artworks of its graphic art collection in a catalogue, Varna City Art Gallery Boris Georgiev makes those available to the wider public to view, analyse, make comparisons and parallels between the historic and contemporary processes in art. It reveals the development of the museum, its traditions, priorities and cultural policies

The catalogue features all the artworks of the Graphic Art Collection of the City Art Gallery Boris Georgiev, Varna. The catalogue is compiled in chronological order of inventory numbers of all artworks. The catalogue information in Bulgarian and English for the image of each work includes: name and surname of the author; in parentheses, year of birth and death, if deceased; title of artwork; year of creation; size in centimetres - height x width; art technique; where and when the work was acquired by the gallery; Information about on the signature and date. On some artworks the artist’s signature has been placed on the mount, which is shown in brackets. In those cases, the mount has been treated as an integral part of the artwork. In other cases, the authors have signed with monograms. In the catalogue data of such artworks only the initials on the monogram are quoted, not the actual image of the monogram. The Graphic Art Collection comprises significant donations which are included on separate final pages of the catalogue. Biographical data about the authors include the place and year of birth and date of death if the artist is deceased. Information about the art education(Art School, College, University) Name of tutor/artist. For those artists who graduated in Sofia, it has been considered adequate to clarify that - The State Drawing School opened in 1896. It was later, in 1909, transformed into Artistic-Industrial School then in 1921 - the Art Academy, in 1951 - the Higher Insti-tute for Fine Arts Nikolai Pavlovich and in 1995 – into National Academy of Arts. Index of artists in alphabetical order, indicating the page on which their artworks have been presented. The following abbreviations have been made: GAE – General Art Exhibition SPC – State Purchasing Commission DCAC – District Council for Arts and Culture DPC – Dsitrict Peoples Council UBA – Union of Bulgarian Artis ts AA – Arts Academy VTU – St.Cyril and St.Methodius University of Veliko Turnovo