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Marine Power Plants

Marine Power Plants

Course Problem with Numeral Example for Students of Dep. Shipbuilding and Marine Technique

    Код: MO00048
Автор(и):В. Георгиев, И. Ковачев
Издател:ИК "Стено"
Година на издаване:2011
Обем:86 стр.
Формат:205 x 290 мм
Тип корица:мека
Цена:10.00 лв.
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The presented student's book is intended for executing a Course Problem on ,,Marine Power Plants" which is studied at the department Shipbuilding and Marine Technique" In the student's book several basic problems about a selection of a main engine as well as about design of several basic systems and auxiliaries are treated. Preparing this paper the authors have assumed a methodic based more on physical principles of functionality of designed object than on formulas and dependences having a formal and normative nature used in working design. We regard to underline as an importance that this paper considers the initial phase of preliminary design whose results assist the working design. The restricted volume of the paper as well as the short syllabus of the course do not allow inserting several specific tasks, but the presented matter is in condition to form a required knowledge and skills for the future marine engineers.


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