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Fundamentals of Periodоntology

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This book was written with the idea to present the fundamental topics of periodontology

  • Автор(и):
    Elena Firkova
  • Издател:
    Lax book Plovdiv
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    228 стр.
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Periodontal diseases are the most common diseases of mankind – a fact, officially recognized and written in the Guinness World Records (2001). For a decade, the global burden of periodontal diseases is increased by 58%. Today 750 million people worldwide suffer from periodontal infections. That is why periodontology develops really fast. The body of knowledge one must know is overwhelming; there is incredible amount of literature available every year and learning everything seems impossible. At the same time, the periodontal health of our patients is a conditio sine quanon; the first and the last for patients’ oral and systemic health and for good life quality.

This book was written with the idea to present the fundamental topics of periodontology. The reader will understand the characteristics of periodontal structures in health and disease; etiology and pathophysiology; main clinical and paraclinical signs and symptoms. The proper diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment plan are explained, including basic and advanced nonsurgical and surgical methods.

The material in this book is presented in an easy-to-understand question and answer format. Each chapter contains figures or tables, summarizing the knowledge on the topic. All figures with clinical cases and scanning electron microscope images are from my clinical practice and research.

I hope this book will be useful for dental students, dental assistants as well as dentists. Actually it is for everyone, who seek in-depth understanding of periodontology and want to provide modern, comprehensive treatment for the patients. And for everyone who simply loves this magnificent branch of dentistry.