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Topographic Anatomy

Topographic Anatomy

A textbook for medical and dental students. First edition in English language.

    Код: ME00114
Автор(и):V. Vankov, K. Ichev
Издател:ИК "Стено"
Година на издаване:2017
Обем:188 стр.
Тип корица:мека
Цена:18.00 лв.
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Topographic Anatomy is the division of Human Anatomy that deals with the study of the human body by regions, with an emphasis on the spatial relations of different anatomical structures to one another (bones, muscles, vessels, nerves, internal organs, etc.). This approach has its basis in and is a valuable addition to Systematic Anatomy. The latter deals with the human structure system by system: locomotor, vascular, internal organs, central and peripheral nervous systems, etc. The combination of these two approaches ensures a sound and comprehensive knowledge of human structure by medical professionals and creates a solid foundation for the further study and practice of medicine.

The textbook “Topographic Anatomy” was written in 1980 by two leading Bulgarian anatomists - Prof. V. Vankov, MD, PhD, DSc, and Prof. K. Ichev MD, PhD, DSc. It covers the topographic anatomy of the human body in a very detailed and yet concise manner, strictly following topographic principles. The book is illustrated by original drawings, created by Dr. S. Bakardjieva, MD, PhD, under the guidance of Prof. V. Vankov. Since then, seven editions of the book have been produced, and more than 27,000 copies were sold. During these decades, the book has been greatly appreciated by the medical community and among the medical students, and has established itself as an essential component of anatomy education in Bulgarian medical universities.With the ever-growing number of English-speaking medical and dental students in Bulgarian medical universities, the need for an English version of this textbook became strikingly clear. Moreover, despite the abundance of high quality Regional Anatomy books in English language, this book has no analogue according to our knowledge. We
are, therefore, convinced that this group of students will greatly benefit from the English version of the original “Topographic Anatomy”, V. Vankov, K. Ichev. Following the passing of the authors, the last Bulgarian edition of the textbook wasedited by Prof. L. Surchev, MD, DSc, who also updated the anatomical terminology to accord with the international Terminologia Anatomica.

The present English language version of the textbook was prepared by Dr. M. Vankova, MD, PhD, with the editorial assistance of Dr. K.L. Allen, PhD, and Dr. K. Dikranian, MD, PhD, from Washington University School of Medicine in Saint Louis, USA. The textbook is intended for medical and dental university students as part of their Human Anatomy education. It should be noted that a solid knowledge of systematic anatomy is needed in order to derive the greatest benefit from it.
Dr. M. Vankova, MD, PhD.

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