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Начало Антикварни издания Изкуство и история 46 RASSEGNA by Vittorio Gregotti - BREVETTO E DISEGNO

46 RASSEGNA by Vittorio Gregotti - BREVETTO E DISEGNO

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124 well-illustrated pages

Vittorio Gregotti [editor]: 46 RASSEGNA [BREVETTO E DISEGNO]. Milan: CIPIA, 1991. Original edition [anno XIII, 46/2 -- June 1991]. Text in Italian. A very good soft cover book with thick printed French folded wrappers and minor shelf wear. Interior unmarked and very clean. Out-of-print.

9 x 12 soft cover book with 124 well-illustrated pages. The bulk of the journal [88 pages] is devoted to BREVETTO E DISEGNO. Under the loose directorship of Vittorio Gregotti, RASSEGNA was an Italian Design magazine underwritten by six Italian firms: Ariston, B&B Italia, Castelli, iGuzzini illuminazione, Molteni and co., and Sabiem. Each issue was devoted to a single designer or theme and lavishly produced, with high-quality reproduction and carefully selected and presented illustrations.


  • Editoriale by Vittorio Gregotti
  • Il brevetto tra invenzione e innovazione by Tomas Maldonado
  • Appunti teorici sul brevetto by Eleanora Fiorani
  • I diritti sulle invenzioni e sui modelli industriali by Giuseppe Sena, Paolo Torchini
  • Della statuto incerto del disegno nelle specifiche di brevetto by Jacques Guillerme
  • Patent Models USA 1836 - 1880 by Robert C. Post
  • La tutela del modello Americano e il diritto unionist dei brevetti 1873 - 1883 by Giampiero Bosoni
  • Thomas Alva Edison e lo stile dell'invenzione by Bernard S. Finn
  • Sigfried Giedion: I brevetti nell'indagine storica by Sokratis Georgiadis
  • Il progetto moderna tra norma creativita 1918 - 1938 by Matthias Boeckl
  • I 16 brevetti di le Corbusier 1918 - 1961
  • 1935. Le sang du Poete: Duchamp o la fantasmagoria del brevetto by Philippe Duboy
  • Sponsors' section includes projects by Teuco, Abert Laminati, B&B Italia, Castelli, iGuzzini illuminazione, Molteni&C., and Sabiem

Architects, designers, and artists include Jean Tinguely, Thomas Edison, Gerard de Nerval, Samuel Colt, Isaac M. Singer, Alexander G. Bell, Sigfried Giedion, Marcel Breuer, Heinrich Tessenow, Adolf Loos, Frederick Kiesler, Le Corbusier, Pierre Jeanneret, and Marcel Duchamp among many others.