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Genomic Medicine

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The book provided an overview of genomics-based advances in disease susceptibility, diagnosis, and prediction of treatment outcomes in various areas of medicine.

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    Prof. Draga Toncheva, Prof. Varban Ganev
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I. Basic of the human genetics 

1. The place of fenetics and genomic in medicine
2. Organisation of the nuclear DNA in the humans
3. Population genetics. Variability and evolution of the gene pool
4. Microscopic and submicroscopic structure and function of chromosomes


II. Etiology and diagnosis of disorders
5. Etiology of hereditary 
6. Diagnostics of genetic diseases


III. Clinical genetics - rare diseases
7. Monogenic diseases
8. Inhereted diseases with dynamic mutations
9. Mitochondrial diseases
10. Chromosomal diseases
11. Contiguous gene syndroms - microdeletion and microduplication syndromes


IV. Genomic Medicine - genetics predisposition to common diseases
12. General characteristics of multifactorial diseases
13. Denetic epidemiology. Family, twin and adoptive studies
14. Genetic polymorphism 
15. Genetic predisposition to cardiovascular diseases
16. Genetic susceptibility to gastrointestinal diseases
17. Genetic factor in endocrine diseases
18. Genetics of some psychiatric disorders
19. Genetic predisposition to pulmonary diseases
20. Genetic definition of overweight 
21. Genetics of canser diseases - common characteristics
22. Genetics of hereditary cancer syndromes 
23. Dysmorphology and teratogenetics
24. Genetics of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)


V. Prevention medicine
25. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis
26. Prenatal diagnosis (PD) of monogenic and chromosomal disorders
27. Screening for genetic diseases
28. Genetic counselling (GC) 


VI. Pesonalaized medicine
29. Essence of pesonalaized Genomic Medicine 
30. Pharmacogenetics
31. Pharmacogenomics
32. Targeted therapy era