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Home Bookstore Medicine Ophthalmology Lymph and Blood Vessels of the Conjunctiva (Clinical Aspect)

Lymph and Blood Vessels of the Conjunctiva (Clinical Aspect)

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  • Autor(s):
    Iskra Maжdrakova, Zdravka Demerdjieva
  • Translation:
    Latinka Popova
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    145 x 200 mm
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    български / English
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The first of its kind medical publication in our country, devoted to a topical and crucial clinical problem of lymph and blood vessels og the conjunctiva both in norm and as pathology, is brought to the attention of the broad medical community (ophthalmologic, dermatologic, etc.).

The autors of this monograph Prof. Maжdrakova (ophthalmologist) and Dr. Demerdjieva (dermatologist), mother and dauther, present in a comprehensive and complex manner both published and own data, resulting from long years of studying and monitoring in time of the lymph and blood vessels of the conjunctiva in a number of ophthalmic and dermatologic diseases.

Prof. Maжdrakova has focused her attention on patients with cataract, glaucoma, eye melanoma, keratoconus, diabetes, etc., while Dr. Demerdjieva has studied patients with bullous dermatoses, syphilis, connective tissue diseases, psoriasis and other dermatologic illness in man.

Prof. Maжdrakova is an ophthalmologist, having long years of clinical practice and scientific interest in research of the neovessels of both the cornea and the lymph vesselsof the conjunctiva with publication in the country and abroad. First and foremost in the specialized ophthalmologic publications in our country it points the necessity to take advantage of a contemporary method to visualize conjunctival lymph vessels prior to glaucoma surgery and all cases necessitating verification of the effect of various drug on the conjunctival lymph vessels for the purpoese of proper use of the therapeutic drug effect in treatment of the existing diseases, as well as for getting more accurate assessment of the immune system.

The modern studies on the proliferative tissues of the eye reveal that in addition to the new formation of blood vessels occasionally lymph angiogenesis (new formation of lyph vessels) also occurs. Presence of lymph vessels in vascularized cornea is rare to witness in human cornea. Further investigations in this direction will enrich the knowledge of the eye specialist as to the risk factors of developing late complications in the cornea, including some postoperative problems in corneal transplantology.

This specialized paper is intended mainly for ophthalmologists and dermatologists, yet it can serve as a valuable handbook for oncosurgeons, internal medicine specialists, immunologists, lymphologists, allergologists, as well as all other clinicians, encountering on daily basis the problems of a disease, for the successful treatment of which the immune system is involved.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Anna Popova, PhD