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Остър панкреатит

 Остър панкреатит
    Code: KS4138
Autor(s):Венцислав Мутафчийски, Георги Попиванов, Марина Конакчиева, Кириен Кьосев
Publisher:Военно издателство
Bookbinding:Hard cover
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The monograph reflects the change in the overall philosophy towards acute pancreatitis and systematically scrutinizes various issues such as the new classifications, the shift to maximal conservative treatment with adequate fluid replacement, early feeding and stricter indications for antibiotic treatment, the stricter indications for surgical treatment and the introduction of a stepwise approach. Special attention is paid to the role of the endoscopic techniques such as percutaneous drainage, endoscopic transluminal necrosectomy with transmural drainage and endoscopic retrograde cholangiography with papillotomy.

Another major contribution of the monograph is the detailed description and illustration of the endoscopic, mini-invasive and conventional surgical techniques. The comparative analysis of their effectiveness significantly helps in making a therapeutic decision. Each chapter commences with the most common questions from a practical point of view trying to answer in the light of the best modern practices and the own institutional experience.



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